Recruit by Talenttar


Our full featured software package comes handy to handle all your hiring needs. We have built the most advanced software platform with every minute aspect of hiring in mind, bundled it together with great services. Just get relaxed and hire amazingly. 


Our service offering are classified under 5 major heads: 


  • Recruitment Management System 

    • Campus & lateral Hiring workflow 

    • Career Portal 

    • Referral management 

    • Vendor management 

    • Background check management


  • Software platform for assessments & Interviews 

    • Wide range of online assessments - Generic & Custom build 

    • Interview tools, support systems  

    • Analytics on candidate performance 


  • Recruitment Strategy & Consulting 

    • Strategizing talent acquisition 

    • Process optimization for quickly finding best fits 


  • Hiring Process Management 

    • Hiring event managers 

    • Candidate Profiling 


  • Question Paper services 

    • Expert panel to build question sets 

    • Ready to use open question pools